Information Technology

Information Technology Division provides added value in the form of system integration, system installation and support, custom application development, process/system upgrade, and performance improvement

System Integration:
Systems and components acquired for the customer or acquired by the customer are integrated to provide a seamless solution as specified by the customer. Danasys team of engineers are experienced in enterprise platforms.

Custom Software Development:
Customer needs are often unique as they reflect unique business processes. Danasys works with the customer in developing custom software to enable the customer achieve strategic and tactical advantage over their competitors

Process Automation:
Danasys team observes the customer process and works with the customer in streamlining and automating the activities to improve reliability and repeatability, thus enabling cost reduction.

In some instances the customer requirement cannot easily be classified as belonging to any of the identified categories. Danasys team works with the customer to achieve an optimum solution for the customer.